Delirious? Working On Songs For The Next Album
Last modified: 14 Jan 2003

Delirious? Working On Songs For The Next Album Delirious? are currently in the process of writing songs for their next album. The titles of three songs destined for the new album are now known. Two brand new songs were performed for the first time at the band's Christmas concert in London on 19th December 2002. The first, 'Rain Down' was originally a spontaneous section which appeared on the latest live album 'Access:d' and has now been developed into a full song.

The other new song to make a first appearance at the Christmas concert was the piano-led ballad 'Every Little Thing'. The latest update on the official Delirious? website has revealed a third new song titled 'Grace Like A River'. In the update Stu G explains where the motivation for some of the new songs is coming from: "After a year of not feeling particularly inspired I've been buzzing about the whole idea of grace, of the kind of love we get that is totally undeserved. The theme has popped up in a few other songs, but there are a couple I've been working on with Martin lately that I feel inspired by."

The band have already put together demos of four songs for the next album. Martin and Stu will spend the next few weeks writing and demoing further songs before Delirious? enter the studio to start work on the album. The release date for the album has not been decided yet, but is expected to be near the end of 2003 at the earliest.

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