Glo (
Last modified: 10 Oct 2000

Author: Israel Button
Date: 10 Oct 2000

Twenty or 30 years ago, if anyone had tried to imagine what worship would sound like in the 21st century, they probably would have been way off. What Delirious have brought to life with their latest release, Glo, is nothing less than a perfect depiction of worshipful expression in a new millennium, and no forecast could have predicted it. Blending the most celebrated aspects of their previous records, Glo combines the electronic-space-rock of Mezzamorphis with the euphoric anthems of King Of Fools. The exotic songcraft and production fashions this otherworldly journey, cresting with Martin Smith's divinely awe-struck and heaven-desperate temperament. Even the floaty electronic textures of Glo's ballads carry an energy that will not let one drift away from the songs' paths. This extravagant response of worship to an infinite God is unmatched by any other artist. Delirious fans will already hold a high opinion of the band, but this disc exceeds even lofty expectations.

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