'World Service' To Be The New Delirious? Album
Last modified: 11 Sep 2003

'World Service' To Be The New Delirious? Album The title of the new Delirious? album has now been confirmed as World Service. The title has been chosen to demonstrate the band's global appeal, and their continued desire to serve. Release dates are not yet being made public, but UK fans should expect the album sometime during December, with a US release not long after.

'World Service' will be the sixth studio album from Delirious?, following in the footsteps of Audio Lessonover? [2001] (titled 'Touch' outside the UK), Glo [2000], Mezzamorphis [1999], King of Fools [1997] and Cutting Edge [94/95]. The band have spent much of 2003 working on the album, with producer Julian Kindred, and all the indications so far point to this being their best album yet.

Recording of the new album is now complete and mixing is currently taking place. The final tracklisting has yet to be confirmed but is expected to include the following tracks: I Was Blind, Free, With You, Mountains High, Everyone Knows, Inside Outside, Grace Like A River, Rain Down, Every Little Thing, God In Heaven, Majesty (Here I Am).

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