Kingdom Of Comfort (Cross Rhythms)
Last modified: 01 Mar 2008

Source: Cross Rhythms
Author: James Lidgett
Date: Mar 2008

You would be forgiven for wondering what was left for Martin Smith and co to do or to say. With a career now well into its teenage years and with no fewer than 10 studio albums, plus a handful of live projects, under their belts, should Delirious? not have done as so many before them and become "comfortable"? The very last thing that their new album 'Kingdom Of Comfort' is is comfortable; and that is exactly the point being made, and one that is made well.

Being privileged enough to see the band on their tour, the experience of being part of 2000 people all singing and asking for God to "Save me, from this kingdom of comfort where I am king, my unhealthy lust of material things" is truly humbling. The band do not profess to have all of the answers, but they do remind one and all that no matter the adversities facing the world, we all have a duty, and we cannot give up! This album is quite a departure from the style many may have become accustomed to. Whereas in the past, the lyrical content of the band's songs, notably "History Maker", have been very forward looking and with a certain determined drive, this album is much more of a reflection, mainly on the experiences of the last two years of touring, particularly in under privileged areas and countries.

Soaring melodies, haunting strings and earth-shaking messages bring these experiences into stark realisation in one of the most raw, passionate albums that these Christian rock titans have ever released.

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