Audio Lessonover? (Q Magazine)
Last modified: 19 Jul 2001

Source: Q Magazine
Author: John Aizlewood
Date: 19 Jul 2001

It must be difficult being a Christian in rock. Drone on about it an everybody else is alienated; go secular and the heartland feels rejected. Delirious? - a cottage industry poised on the edge of the Faustian big time, having allegedly already sold 1.5 million records - deal with it craftly, backed by the get-out clause that a good song is a good song. From the sunshine of Waiting For The Summer to the sprawling America, their complex, Muse-alike rock, sung with alarming conviction by Martin Smith, hints at spiritual concerns, but fights shy of actually going there. What happens next will resolve their dilemma for them. If the breakthrough never happens, it's back to being Greenbelt darlings. If it does... well, three of U2 are still Christians. Aren't they?

3 out of 5 stars

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