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Last modified: 12 Oct 2002

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 12 Oct 2002

'Libertad' - Release Dates:
- 16th November 2002 (World)
- 8th April 2003 (North America)

Delirious? have a growing number of fans for whom English is not a first language. 'Libertad' is sung entirely in Spanish and is the band's first album to feature vocals recorded in another language. Translated simply as freedom, 'Libertad' is a collection of twelve worship songs from the early days of Delirious? All of the songs originally appeared on the 'Cutting Edge' albums, but have now been re-recorded with Spanish vocals to appeal to the 6% of the world's population who speak the language. In America alone there are 20 millions people who speak Spanish, so this album is by no means restricted to a small target audience.

In order to make the album, lead singer Martin Smith spent time with a Spanish speaking vocals coach, learning the song lyrics line by line. When he was finally able to sing the songs as well as a native Spaniard, he entered the studio and recorded the vocals. Additional backing vocals were also recorded by Spanish male and female singers. When mixed with the original music tracks in Martin's home studio, Delirious? were able to release an album that would introduce a whole new audience to their particular blend of modern worship.

'Libertad' opens with Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble?, with Martin joined by the female singer for the chorus of 'Open up the doors'. Strangely the original Cutting Edge version of I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever is used, rather than the recently updated version that the band released as a single. Martin sings the lead part in I've Found Jesus while the male and female voice answer with 'Jesus is alive'. The quietly powerful Thank You For Saving Me takes on a whole new sense of beauty when sung in Spanish, but The Happy Song seems to be a struggle to fit lyrics to tune.

King Of Love has an almost naturally Spanish feel to it with it's prominent guitar strumming. Martin's singing is impressive during the verses of Message Of The Cross, while the female singer takes over for the chorus. Shout To The North is another track which benefits from additional backing vocals from the male and female singers. The only song on the album to feature music recorded since Cutting Egde is Lord You Have My Heart which benefits from the updated version re-recorded for the band's best-of album. The slow tempo of Find Me In The River gives plenty of time for Martin to fit the Spanish words in, but I'm Not Ashamed would clearly have been too much of a struggle so most of the singing is left to the male vocalist. The stunning Obsession brings the album to an end with its strong beat and prayerful words.

Whilst 'Libertad' won't be everyone's copa de te many will say gracias for the opportunity to hear such an affluent selection of worship songs sung in their native tongue. Delirious?, and Martin Smith in particular, have risen to their Spanish challenge and come out with flying colours. You can't help but be impressed.

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