Delirious? Feature On The Cover Of USA's CCM Magazine
Last modified: 21 Feb 2003

Delirious? Feature On The Cover Of USA's CCM Magazine The USA's biggest Christian music publication, CCM Magazine, has featured Delirious? on the front cover of it's March 2003 issue (see right) with a multiple page interview with the band inside.'s editor, Christa Farris, travelled to the UK offices of Furious? Records to talk to Martin, Jon, Tim and Stu.

The article looks into what makes Delirious? stand out from other bands and also considers the differences Delirious? face on either side of the Atlantic. "Like so many bands before, Delirious has a career that spans two continents. In the United States, it's the band that has enjoyed Christian radio success and helped pioneer the moden worship movement. But on the other hand in Britain, where Christian radio is almost nonexistent, the band is often reviewed in mainstream press."

The members of Delirious? are also given the chance to describe each other, with Martin saying the Stu G "was and probably still is the best musician in the band", Tim describing Jon as having "the most fantastic sense of humour" and Stu G curiously saying "Tim really knows how to let his hair down and have a good time!".

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