Delirious? Back In The Studio To Record A New Album
Last modified: 12 Mar 2003

Delirious? Back In The Studio To Record A New Album Delirious? have spent the past three weeks at Ford Lane Studios near Arundel in West Sussex (England), as they start to record their sixth studio album. The album is planned for release either later this year or early in 2004. So far the band have been working on eight songs for the new album: 'Grace Like A River', 'Rain Down', 'Inside Outside', 'Every Little Thing', 'Free', 'I'm With You', 'Mountains High' and 'Everyone Knows'.

Early in February, band members Stu G and Jon spent a week in Scotland, apparently "looking for a little lyrical inspiration". Discussing the new album, Martin said "Most of the lyrics are written but vocals will go on as we progress. The feeling so far on the record is very 'Delirious?' with big hooky choruses and bags of emotion. We will be playing several of the new songs as we gig this year around the world and interest still seems promising from the label BMG in partnering with us".

Unlike their previous album Audio Lessonover?/Touch, Delirious? are working with a Producer who they are familiar with. Julian Kindred first worked with the band back in 1999 as Assistant Engineer on the Mezzamorphis album. Since then he has acted as Producer alongside Stu G, on the debut album of Furious? Records recent signing 'Everyone'. Julian has also just finished working with Cathy Burton on her latest album, and acted as Delirious' front of house sound engineer at their recent London concert.

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