US Glo Tour Journal
Last modified: 22 Oct 2000

Artist: Delirious?
Label: Furious? Records
Date: 22 Oct 2000

[12.10.00] +elvis

We are back in the air, flying to see uncle Sam. The screen in front of me informs me that we are 34000 feet above the surface of the planet with another 5 hours 46 minutes left till we touch down in JFK.

This will be the debut GLO USA tour and we are nervously excited about what lies ahead. We've spent the past few weeks working on the live cuts of the new tracks, ready for there presentation in the USA. The set consists of a bit of everything, a few new tracks from GLO as well as all the old favourites and of course a few surprises.

Also this week, to promote the release of Glo in the States, the Furious offices were inhabited by 7 of the top CHR stations who transmitted live across the USA with the D:5 as special guests. Thanks to all the DJ's and listeners that made it so worthwhile.

The site will be updated throughout the tour so if you are not coming to the any of dates you can keep clicking and see what you are missing!

[14.10.00] +mr smee [D:drums]

Here I sit, on the bus reveling in the thought that we survived the first airing of half a dozen tracks from GLO. Last nights gig in Worcester, Ma, was another milestone in the journey of Delirious? There really is nothing better than playing your drums or strumming a guitar & feeling the pleasure of God as the crowd shout out the name of Jesus, this is what Delirious? is all about... Worcester, thank you very much!

[15.10.00] +martin

Well another day, another plane trip and it's my job today to write the US journal. We are in the air right now on the way to LA to play at the Greek theatre. Michael Tait from DC TALK is supporting tonight along with RAZE and KENDALL PAYNE. Last night was again a great gig in a theatre in Sewell, New Jersey. The new songs are sounding great and the crowd were an absolute pleasure. I've found it hard being away from my kids this tour, but God is showing up in a new way for us, and this makes it all worth it. Hope you enjoy the photos from last night courtesy of our digicam, speak to you soon.

[16.10.00] +stu g

Hi There! last night saw us in LA.

California has been very good to us over the last 4 years and we definitely were not dissapointed! Friends that we made on our very first trip to the US, showed up at the Greek Theatre (which has seen the likes of REM, Sting, Chilli Peppers and soon to be Radiohead) and we made some new friends too mixing with actor types, quite famous ones actually!!.

Unfortunately we have no close up live shots for you today because the venue would have fined us $2000!!!

Kicking off with a somewhat stressful soundcheck we took to the stage after fantastic performances from Kendall Payne, Raze and DCtalks' Michael Tait. We settled into our rhythm after a couple of songs and really tried to enjoy the Greek's amazing outdoor atmosphere. The set climaxed with a humungous ' Investigate ' and we enjoyed the company of a few close friends back in the hotel's hot tub! Well, you would..... wouldn't you?

love stug

[17.10.00] +tim

So-18 years ago I failed my English Literature exams and now I have to try and redeem myself by putting pen to paper - this life is full of trying experiences (like mellowing out with all your mates in a hot tub somewhere on Hollywood Boulevard at 1.30 am in the morning!)

Anyway - San Jose- gig number 4. Back in the summer we flew into San Jose whilst our luggage decided to have a day out in Denver. This time however, a good start to the day - all bags and personnel present and correct. Last night's show was the first this trip in a church - not so rock n' roll but 10/10 for the 20 ft long purple leather sofas in the Pastor's holy of holys. Well, show time arrives and Stu G never fails to impress as he gets all robed up whilst yet again I try to squeeze into my pair of women's black leather trousers!

Tonight I manage to get out front to see the crowd totally captivated by Kendall Payne - she really is a star. Our turn arrives and our hearts start pumping as the intro music sends the temperature up a few degrees. 2 hours later - with Mr Smee dripping from head to toe we crash back on the purple leather - an amazing night. Can't say how much we're loving playing the new stuff - each night gets easier as the order in which the chords come gets more familiar. We love the U.S. but why can't you get a good curry anywhere? Next stop Colorado!

[18.10.00] +elvis

After two hours sleep in a generic hotel room it was time to leave the Silicone valley and head for the Rocky mountains of Colorado. The rock and roll sunglasses hid the eyes that were still on Greenwich mean time and the thought of a bed on a tour bus seemed like a dream. Six hours and two airports later the delirious had landed in Colorado Springs.

This was the fifth gig in a row and Kendall Payne opened up in true style, dressed in a three quarter length leopard skin jacket....nice. The technoesque intro music welcomed us onto the stage to play a free flowing roller coaster of a set. The large white walled room was filled with oxygen light mile high fans, but this didn't hinder the energy from the crowd or the stage. The new tracks are going down really well and are becoming well imbedded into the set. My debut live keyboard experience in INTIMATE STRANGER has experience. [ I've finally developed the confidence to remove the notes!]

The early morning dream of my bunk on the bus was in reach as we left the stage for a 1246 mile downhill journey to Nashvegas, leaving a great night and the mountains behind.

[21.10.00] +martin

The last two days have been spent in good old Nashville at the "worshiptogether" conference. It was a bonus to sleep in a proper bed for one night instead of in our 12 berth sleeper bus, although in a strange way you miss the constant drone of the big engine and Tim nipping out of his bunk every five minutes to visit the boys room! During the course of the day we all took turns to do seminars and sit in on panels ranging from songwriting to postmodern worship. In the evening we were invited to strut our stuff on the main stage and had an incredible night letting God be God. I never get tired of hearing people sing and get passionate about their creator. So thanks to Nashville, I was a little suspicious to be honest about a record company running a spiritual gathering, you wouldn't let a church run a record company would you? But the guys at Sparrow are good people and want for the best and are touching a deep need in the people of America. So back on the bus and through the night to play at a small club in Atlanta. By the way thanks to everyone back home in the "24 hour prayer club" for sending a few up for us. I bought a pair of leather trousers today which I know I'm gonna regret when I'm back on British soil, probably because my wife, Anna, won't come near me in them! See you soon.

[22.10.00] +stu g

So here we are in Atlanta. The last American show of the Glo tour 2000. The venue is the Roxy theatre and our photo now adorns the wall along side Eric Clapton's and Keith Richards'. Rock'n'Roll you might say.... well, we did "ROCK" tonight! We took to the stage in our "glo-ing" stage outfits, (watch out UK!), wanting to finish the tour in true delirious style. The new songs off 'Glo', have injected something fresh into our live set, and we've really enjoyed these dates. (Probably 'cos we rehearsed for once!!!!!)

Thanks to all you American d:fans for coming out to the gigs, we hope you enjoyed the new songs, and had a great time. We enjoyed seeing you all and hope that we sent you away, not only with ears ringing, (thanks to Paul Burton!) but inspired to 'Glo' along the way! We want to say a big thankyou to 2 new friends that we made this tour...... Barry Steinman (monitors) and Kevin Wenke (lights) hope to work with you again guys ! Also to Kendall Payne our fantastic support this tour "you did great!" Congratulations to Ricky d (tour mercandise/photographer) who gets married to Rees on the 18th. We wish you well.

So FAREWELL America until next April........ and Watchout Europe........... HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

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