'Rain Down' Released As Free Download On
Last modified: 01 Nov 2003

'Rain Down' Released As Free Download On Delirious? have today (1st November) released the second song from their new album 'World Service' as a free MP3 download. 'Rain Down' is available to download now from This follows the MP3 release of 'Majesty' on 1st October, also taken from the forthcoming album. Artwork and sheet music for 'Rain Down' can also be downloaded from the band's website.

'Rain Down' started life as just a few lines of lyrics, sung spontaneously by Martin during live concerts. It even appeared in it's simplist form on the live album 'Access:d'. Those few lines were then turned into a chorus and with some verses added it was turned into a superb new track. Delirious? have been performing 'Rain Down' live at concerts in North America over the past few months, where it has becoming instantly popular with the fans.

When 'Majesty' was released on last month, it reached the top 15 in the MP3 music chart and stayed in the number 1 spot of the 'Guitar Rock' genre chart for the entire month of October. Describing 'Rain Down', Delirious? say "With highs, lows and a chorus that kickstarts even the flattest of flatlines, 'Rain Down' is pure Delirious?, pure emotion and pure heaven".

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