Update on 'Christian Band Aid' Charity Single 'One Voice, One Heart'
Last modified: 10 Mar 2005

Update on 'Christian Band Aid' Charity Single 'One Voice, One Heart' Further details have now emerged about the Tsunami charity single, which was first reported on this site last month. The project, which has been dubbed 'Christian Band Aid', was the brainchild of Lawrence Johnson, co-founder of the London Community Gospel Choir, and aims to raise money for the victims of last years Tsunami disaster.

The single is titled "One Voice, One Heart" and was written by worship leaders Mark Beswick and Tim Hughes. Some of the biggest names in the British Christian music scene recorded the song at Abbey Road Studios in London on 19th February after the world renowned studio donated a whole day's worth of free studio time to the project. The single will be released on the Survivor label and distributed by STL. It will be available to buy in the 'Wesley Owen' chain of Christian bookshops around the UK. No release date has been confirmed at this time, but it is expected to be in the next few weeks.

Alongside Delirious? front man Martin Smith, the single also features worship leaders Tim Hughes, Graham Kendrick and Matt Redman, Fame Academy judges David and Carrie Grant, R&B gospel act The Wades, the London Community Gospel Choir, plus girl groups Siani and Nu Life. About 300 people were involved in the single in total. Proceeds will go to support Jubilee Action's work with a fishing colony in India which was devastated by the Tsunami disaster in December 2004.

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