'Unified:Praise' CD/DVD Is Released In The USA
Last modified: 18 Jan 2005

'Unified:Praise' CD/DVD Is Released In The USA The live CD/DVD 'Unified:Praise' jointly featuring Delirious? and Hillsong is released in the USA today (18th January) by Integrity Music. Integrity, who are owned by mainstream super label Sony-BMG, recently agreed an extended long-term distribution and publishing contract with Hillsong, following a ten year partnership that has seen Integrity Music release all of Hillsong's CDs in the USA.

'Unified:Praise' was released in the UK back in November 2004, after having been recorded when Delirious? performed at the Hillsong Conference in July 2003 in front of 20,000 people at the Sydney SuperDome in Australia. The eleven track CD features songs performed by Hillsong and by Delirious?, including 'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever', 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble', 'Rain Down', 'Majesty', 'What A Friend I've Found' and 'History Maker'.

The DVD is also released in the US today. It features two bonus songs not on the CD, including the Delirious? track 'My Glorious'. The DVD also has multi-angle footage of 'What A Friend I've Found' and a behind the scenes documentary. Until now 'Unified:Praise' was only available in the UK and Australia, but it finally gets it's US release today, where it will be widely available through Christian music stores.

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