Tony Patoto Leaves Job As Delirious? Manager
Last modified: 07 Sep 2005

Tony Patoto Leaves Job As Delirious? Manager Tony Patoto has announced that he is leaving his job as Delirious' manager and head of Furious? Records. He hopes to be starting a new job in the USA shortly. Tony joined Delirious? in 1997 and helped to set up the band's own record label, Furious? Records, as well as being instrumental in many major deals for the band.

Tony spent seven years as 'Sales and Marketing Director' for mainstream label Total Records before quitting his job to take over as manager of Delirious? He brought with him a wealth of experience in the music business and has played a central role in helping Delirious? to develop into a global success story. It was Tony who helped negotiate opportunities such as the support slot on the 2001 Bon Jovi tour, and the various distribution deals Delirious? has around the world.

Canadian-born Tony, and his American wife Terri have decided it is time for a fresh challenge and will be returing to the USA to start a new job. wishes Tony and his family every success in the future and thanks him for all he has achieved with Delirious? Tony has been the Delirious? foundation stone for 8 years and will be greatly missed.

Coming Soon: Exclusive interview with Tony Patoto.

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