Delirious? Set To Play At Scotland's Frenzy Festival
Last modified: 09 Jun 2005

Delirious? Set To Play At Scotland's Frenzy Festival This Saturday (11th June) Delirious? will play their first concert in the UK for six months when they perform at the Frenzy Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tickets for the event are still available and a crowd of around 12,000 people are expected at the Highland Centre for a mammoth 10 hours of live music.

Alongside Delirious? a host of other big name artists are scheduled to perform, including Newsboys, Third Day, David Crowder Band, Cathy Burton and Paul Oakley. "We are very excited to be playing in Scotland again", says Martin Smith, "especially at 'Frenzy', which I know will be memorable for us all".

Since playing their annual Christmas show in London in December last year, Delirious? have spent the first six months of 2005 interspersing recording sessions for their new album, due for release in November, with concerts in the USA, Australia and Europe. This month sees the band performing their first UK concerts of the year, with Frenzy on 11th June and Xpression in Ipswich on 26th June. Delirious? will also visit Vienna in Austria (24th) and Budapest in Hungary (25th) this month.

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