Two Delirious? Songs Included On New Soul Survivor Live Album
Last modified: 12 Oct 2005

Two Delirious? Songs Included On New Soul Survivor Live Album A new live worship album, recorded at this years Soul Survivor youth event in Somerset, UK, will include two live Delirious? songs. The album, "We Must Go - Soul Survivor Live 2005" contains twelve songs by artists such as Tim Hughes, Martyn Layzell and Hillsong, recorded live at Soul Survivor. The album will be released by Survivor Records on 31st October 2005.

The Delirious? songs that appear on the album are 'God In Heaven' and 'Now Is The Time'. This will be the first time that live versions of those two songs have ever been released since they were both written after the most recent live album by Delirious?, 'Access:d' was released in 2002. 'God In Heaven' originally appeared on the 2003 album 'World Service', and 'Now Is The Time' is taken from the forthcoming studio album from Delirious?, 'The Mission Bell'.

"Soul Survivor Live 2005" was recorded by Paul Burton, who is also Delirious' front of house sound engineer, and produced by Andrew Philip. Delirious? appeared at Soul Survivor in August, leading worship at several seminars. The album also includes a 5-track bonus CD featuring songs by Martyn Layzell and Johnny Parks. You can pre-order the album now from the Fierce Shop.

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