85,000 Moroccans Gather As Delirious? Play At Friendship Fest
Last modified: 10 May 2005

85,000 Moroccans Gather As Delirious? Play At Friendship Fest On Sunday (8th May) Delirious? peformed in Morocco for the first time ever when they took part in the 'Friendship Fest 2005' in Marrakech. This first-ever gathering of contemporary Christian musicians in Morocco drew an estimated 85,000 people over the three nights of the event in the mainly Muslim country.

Alongside Delirious?, the festival also featured Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Phil Keaggy, Rock and Roll Worship Circus, Out of Eden and Joy Williams. Each artist donated their labour and that of their production teams, to make the event free to all attendees. These artists were joined onstage by a number of contemporary and traditional Moroccan music artists during the 18 hours of the music festival. Marrakech regional President Doumou hailed the festival, believed to be the first of its kind in the Arab world, as a resounding success. "Over the past three days, we have seen the universal language of music unite our people and cultures in a way that was both gratifying and encouraging for future cultural and economic exchanges."

Event organister Harry Thomas (co-founder of Creation Festivals in the USA) said "We were simply overwhelmed by the warmth of the reception we received from the Moroccan people. Each of the artists performing at the event had stories of new relationships that were developed as a result of Friendship Fest. Those in attendance truly blessed us with their heartfelt encouragement and enthusiastic support. The universal language of music translated itself." Plans are now in place to repeat the festival in 2006 and turn it into an annual event.

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