Stu And Stew Work With Recent Furious? Signing 'Everyone'
Last modified: 06 Jan 2003

Stu And Stew Work With Recent Furious? Signing 'Everyone' Delirious? band members Stu G and Stew Smith have been busy working with US band 'Everyone' on their debut album. Headed by lead singer and long-term friend of Delirious? Jeff Searles, 'Everyone' are from California and recently became the first band to sign up with Furious? Records. "I'm really excited about this band" explains Stu G, "I've been a fan of Jeff's voice and songwriting for years. They are an inspired mix of heartfelt worship and rock 'n' roll".

Stu G is the Executive Producer for Everyone's album, and has been overseeing the recording of the album which took place at Sound Kitchen in Nashville. 'Everyone' started recording their album at the end of April 2002, working with Producer Julian Kindred who previously acted as Assistant Engineer for the Delirious? album 'Mezzamorphis' in 1999. Stu and Julian visited Abbey Road Studios in London at the end of November 2002 where the 'Everyone' album was mastered by Chris Blair.

Stew Smith has been acting as Creative Director for the album. He flew out to Los Angeles in early December 2002 to direct the photo shoot for the album. Photographer Brandon Dickerson, who shot the Delirious? 'Gravity' video in 1999, spent the day taking photos for the album cover. "It was killer having Stew there" said Everyone's Jeff Searles, "as a veteran of many Delirious photo shoots he coached us along through each shot and set change". The 'Everyone' album, which is as yet untitled, will be released by Furious? Records on 8th April 2003. 'Everyone' will be supporting Delirious? on their Spring 2003 US Tour in April.

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