Music Magazine NME Quotes Delirious? In News Article
Last modified: 11 Jun 2003

Music Magazine NME Quotes Delirious? In News Article Britain's premier weekly music magazine, NME (New Musical Express), has quoted Delirious? in a news article. The current issue, dated 14th June 2003, features an item about the US band Evanescence who are currently at number 1 in the UK singles chart with their song 'Bring Me To Life'.

Evanescence recently caused a huge storm in America when they were quoted in several interviews swearing and saying that their music was not suitable for Christian shops. The band's record company then pulled their CD 'Fallen' from Christian record stores in the USA. The NME article gives quotes from five artists who have mentioned religion in some form: Creed, Marilyn Manson, The Beastie Boys, Andy Hukley and Delirious?

The following quote from Delirious? is printed in the article: "Our spirituality is an integral part of who we are, so it's there in a lot of our songs. We'd rather people think of us as a rock band who happen to be Christians, rather than a Christian rock band".

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