First Ever Delirious? DVD Set To Be Released
Last modified: 07 May 2003

First Ever Delirious? DVD Set To Be Released Delirious? will release their first ever DVD, titled 'Archive:d', on 31st May 2003. It will contain a combination of the band's first two video releases 'View From The Terraces' (1998) and 'Promode' (2000) plus some additional material. Whilst the 'Promode' video included all the Delirious? music promo videos to date, several videos that have been shot since then will also be included in the DVD. 'I Could Sing', 'Take Me Away' and 'Waiting For The Summer' will all appear on 'Archive:d'.

The DVD is also set to include the visual effects that were featured on the recent 'Fire Tour' such as the live video projections from five other songs: Fire, Rollercoaster, Alien, Obsession and Investigate.

In the past, fans in North America have been left out when it comes to Delirious? videos, with both of the previous videos only being available in the UK format. Now, for the first time, all of the Delirious? music videos will be available to fans on both sides of the world as the 'Archive:d' DVD is to be 'region free', meaning it will work on DVD players anywhere in the world.

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