Delirious? To Release New Single 'The Deeper EP'
Last modified: 01 Oct 1997

Delirious? hope to continue their chart success by re-releasing the song 'Deeper' as a single. Their first single, 'White Ribbon Day' sold 15,000 copies. Their second single, 'Deeper' sold 30,000 copies. The album 'King of Fools' has so far sold 40,000 copies. The most recent single 'Promise' sold 25,000 copies. That makes a combined total of 120,000 units sold.

From the band's 'SmallTalk' mailout: Out on November 3rd 1997 will be 'The Deeper EP'. Containing four huge, beautiful and chunky tracks: it's 25% familiar, 75% exclusive and new, and 100% pure Delirious?; brimming with creative passion, belief and power. We want to get our message out to thousands of people, and 'Deeper' is our strongest radio song, it's the Radio Bomb. We've come this far and we are determined not to give up on what we believe: we're going to take the message to the nations and beyond. Each single looses tens of thousands of pounds. But it's just the way that the game is played: you do singles to raise a profile and sell albums, and it's on the album that we can fly the flag. Our music was not only made for the church; it was made for the street.

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