ITV Documentary Series 'The Frame' To Feature Delirious?
Last modified: 28 Apr 2003

ITV Documentary Series 'The Frame' To Feature Delirious? can now reveal further details about the TV documentary that has recently been made about Delirious? A 35-minute programme about the band will be included in the current run of ITV1's documentary series called 'The Frame'. Each episode of the series is a separate documentary concentrating on different aspects of the arts.

The episode featuring Delirious? will be the third of four documentaries in the current series, and is due to be screened on Friday 9th May 2003 at 11:35pm on ITV1. As 'The Frame' is a series about the Arts in the South of England, it is only being shown on the 'Meridian' ITV region. This means that viewers in other parts of the UK will not be able to view the programme with a standard aerial, although Digital Satellite users should be able to tune in.

The documentary will show footage of Delirious? in the studio working on their new album, and at their Furious? Records offices. The film crew also followed the band on their recent trip to the USA to play at the 'Acquire The Fire' event in California at the end of March. This is how Meridian describe the documentary: "A profile of Sussex rock band Delirious? which has double the record sales of Robbie Williams in America. The band members are committed Christians and tailor their art to their beliefs. This makes for big sales in the USA but is it a hindrance in the UK?"

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