'Kingdom Of Comfort' Album Tracklisting Confirmed
Last modified: 16 Jan 2008

'Kingdom Of Comfort' Album Tracklisting Confirmed The tracklisting for the forthcoming new studio album from Delirious? has now been finalised. 'Kingdom Of Comfort' will be released in the UK on 14th April (1st April in USA) and fans outside the USA can now pre-order the album from the PuraShop priced at £9.95. The album will come in special packaging using artwork based on the image shown here. The tracklisting is as follows:

Kingdom of Comfort
God Is Smiling
Give What You Got
Love Will Find A Way
Eagle Rider
We Give You Praise
How Sweet The Name
Break The Silence
Stare The Monster Down
All God's Children
My Soul Sings

The concept for the artwork, featuring everyday objects spilling out of a shopping trolley (cart) was devised by Stew Smith and Furious? designer Mark Debnam. Last November Stew and Mark visited a local boot sale to purchase props for the album artwork. They then painted all the objects white and the band's close friend and regular creative visual designer Andy Hutch photographed the artwork. Explains Stew, "The album title 'Kingdom Of Comfort' needs to be explained creativly and we have in my opinion come up with a beautiful and thought provoking set of shots. I always like to leave the viewer asking questions, almost like you can discover and keep on discovering more and more from the same shot or package as the days and weeks roll by."

The album is described as follows: "From cancer to consumerism, five star dreams to slums and poverty made personal, Kingdom of Comfort questions everything. The result is their most risky, real and compelling album to date - a collection of songs that act like catalysts more than lullabies that spark fires that refine faith. With 'God Is Smiling' already downloaded free by over 10,000 fans on their new site, Delirious? have set the scene - the rule book has gone, the energy is even higher, the time is most definitely right for the most remarkable phase of their already remarkable career."

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