Proportion Of 'Kingdom Of Comfort' Royalties To Go To Charity
Last modified: 04 Feb 2008

Proportion Of 'Kingdom Of Comfort' Royalties To Go To Charity Delirious? have pledged that a proportion of their royalties from new album 'Kingdom Of Comfort' will go to the Prem Kiran charity in Mumbai, India. The project is a feeding, health and education center for children of commerical sex workers and Delirious? have visited it a number of times, and even taken their own children along to see it first hand.

The band have decided to donate 20pence of the royalties from each CD to provide one day's food, shelter, education or healthcare to Prem Kiran and its partner projects. Explains Martin, "Whilst touring through India we visited a humanitarian project in one of the red light districts in Mumbai. Frankly it was a shock to us to see women enslaved in such circumstances but moreso their own children growing up in a completely hopeless environment."

"The team there were taking these kids off the street at night and housing them, feeding them and giving basic education. It's hard for a rock band to know how to respond but we knew our hearts had been pulled out and put back a different way. We had to DO something and so we have committed to give part of our royalties to the children of Prem Kiran." Kingdom Of Comfort is released on 1st April in the USA and 14th April in the UK.

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