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Released: 14 Jul 1997 UK

Highest Chart Position: 20 (20 Jul 1997)

Catalogue: CDFURY3

Format: CD

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Notes: Released as two separate CD singles.

CD One:
  1. Promise (Radio edit)
  2. Deeper (Mark Edwards summertime mix)
  3. You Split The Earth (New recording)

CD Two:
  1. Promise (Live acoustic version)
  2. Deeper (Mark Edwards Prophet mix)
  3. d:interview

All songs written by Smith/Garrard ©1997 Curious? Music UK
Original versions of 'Promise' and 'Deeper' taken from the album 'King of Fools'. Original version of 'You Split The Earth' taken from 'Cutting Egde 3&4'. The boy featured on the artwork is Delirious bass player Jon Thatcher's younger brother Ben.
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Promise - CD Two