White Ribbon Day
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White Ribbon Day
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Released: 17 Feb 1997 UK

Highest Chart Position: 41 (23 Feb 1997)

Catalogue: CDFURY1

Format: CD

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Notes: The single was originally released with a special 'tracing paper' cover (which had the title and logo printed on it) surrounding the artwork, giving it a pale white look. Later a second edition was made available without the tracing paper, and with the title and logo printed directly on the artwork (see below).

  1. White Ribbon Day (Radio edit)
  2. White Ribbon Day
  3. Absolutely Absolute
  4. White Ribbon Day (Two mile free fall)

All songs written by Smith/Garrard ©1997 Curious? Music UK
'White Ribbon Day' originally taken from the album 'King of Fools'. 'Absolutely Absolute' originally taken from Stuart Garrard's 1995 solo album 'Have You Heard'.
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