Alliance Music Festival - Docklands Arena, London (30 Sep 2000)
Last modified: 30 Sep 2000

Venue: Docklands Arena, London
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 30 Sep 2000

As part of the Alliance Music Festival (Breakout 2000) Delirious? played to a huge audience at the London Arena. The lights went low, smoke covered the stage and Delirious? arrived launching straight into "Bliss". Smiling and jumping around the stage, Martin appeared very relaxed and comfortable wearing his Glo outfit (white shirt and trousers with red floral print) which slightly resembled pyjamas! Stu G was dressed in green shirt and trousers with sparkling gold patterns and Jon showed off a new beard.

With the stage bathed in blue and green light, the band went straight into "Deeper". Although the crowd sang along to the now well-known classic, Martin sensed some uncertainty amongst the audience. When asked how many had never been to a Delirious? concert before, more than half the crowd raised their arm. Not being put off by this, Martin responded by saying "We'll make some new friends here tonight then". He then said they were going to play some new songs starting with "Gods Romance". It was clear that few in the crowd had heard the song before, but it still recieved a friendly approval.

As "Did You Feel The Mountains" started, the crowd cheered recognising the song from their churches and realising that at last they had a chance to sing along. A fantastic version of "Sanctify" followed, before Delirious? upped the tempo and launched into one of the most powerful tracks from their new album; "My Glorious".

"This song got to number... somewhere in the top 20" said Martin laughing as he introduced the ballad "It's OK". As usual for this song, the glitter balls lite up the whole arena. Stu G's solo cried out and echoed with incredible effect as the song came to its climax. With just Martin on his acoustic guitar a chorus of "I Could Sing Of Your Love" blended into the end of the song.

In complete contrast, "Gravity" and then "Heaven" finaly persuaded the crowd nearest the stage to jump and dance around. Next up was "Follow" and as normal Martin climbed over the barriers and tried walking across the crowds outstretched arms whilst singing "I will follow you...". Back up on the stage and "History Maker" brought the crowd to life again. Leaving the stage for a few minutes, the band returned to finish off the night with their first ever life performance of the Glo track "Investigate". It was moody, powerful, faultless and brilliant.


Gods Romance
Did You Feel The Mountains
My Glorious
Its OK
(I Could Sing Of Your Love)
History Maker

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