Paint The Town UK Tour - Liverpool Academy UK (17 Dec 2005)
Last modified: 17 Dec 2005

Venue: Liverpool Academy UK
Author: Rachel Davies
Date: 17 Dec 2005

After a few minor mishaps with the train my friend and I made it to the Liverpool Academy to join the queue in sub-zero temperatures. The doors soon opened and everyone streamed into the main hall, with many stopping at the merchandise stand to buy commemorative tour t-shirts/hoodies. Every sighting of a crew member on stage was met by cheers from the crowd, who were warming up their vocal chords by singing along to the Christmas classics being played from the sound desk.

A short wait later Kendall Payne took to the stage for her support slot. She played about 5 songs including a rendition of Silent Night, helped along by the modern versions of swaying lighters - lit-up mobile screens. Supermodel was popular with the crowd, and dedicated to the crew, and all the girls, and all the guys.

A brief change over on stage and it was time for the main event. The music started and Delirious walked onto the stage to a roar from the crowd. From the opening notes of Here I Am Send Me, everyone knew it was going to be a special night. Martin had some mic problems but Stu G and the crowd helped keep the song going until the gaffer tape arrived. Next up was Rain Down, followed by My Glorious which ended with Martin leading the crowd into the 'glory, glory send your glory' section by saying how he wanted tonight to be all about the glory of God.

The rhythm section came into its own during Solid Rock with Jon strutting around the stage looking cool and Stew doing his usual madman impression on the drums. A phone was borrowed from the crowd for the customary call to TOBYMAC and then came another new song, Fires Burn. What followed was something I once heard described as 'the first thing any young Christian bass player learns', yes, the intro to Obsession.

After a brief exchange with Stu G about his (newly coloured in) zebra style trousers, 'don't get those on the streets of Liverpool do you' Martin spoke about how Miracle Maker had come about, and the reactions they'd had from fans writing letters already.

The power of the song came across strongly as Tim accompanied Martin on keys before the band joined in, ending with a word change to seamlessly link into History Maker. This live favourite was greeted with a massive cheer from the crowd that the band seemed to enjoy.

Paint The Town Red was next, with the customary clamber into the crowd, then With You, which towards the end was played by Martin on the Rhodes. Majesty and God In Heaven (with a great Stu G guitar solo) were well known by the crowd, then followed Now is The Time, where halfway through Martin got a Bible out of its slot in his pedal board(!) and read some inspiring verses before the band left the stage.

A few minutes later they reappeared with a great new version of Love Falls Down, before Stu G's guitar introduced Take Off My Shoes. We were then treated to a 'Stu G arrangement classic' of Sir Cliff's Mistletoe And Wine with much arm waving and swaying from the crowd. Stu G in particular seemed to be enjoying himself with some windmill-esque guitar playing (you know - where the arm goes round in a circle after its played the chord), and I am sure that backing vocals usually sung by a kids choir were coming from his mic.

The crowd cheered and applauded as the band came together to take a bow - another great gig from Delirious: powerful and entertaining, challenging and glorious. I for one cannot wait until the next tour.

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