The Big Day Out - Littlehampton Beach (Open Air) (04 Jun 2002)
Last modified: 04 Jun 2002

Venue: Littlehampton Beach (Open Air)
Author: Dave Wood
Date: 04 Jun 2002

With the Queen's Golden Jubilee being celebrated all around the UK and a public holiday declared, it was the perfect opportunity for Delirious? to throw a beach party to join in the festivities. It was also a double celebration as 2002 is the 10th anniversary of the very first 'Cutting Edge' events at which Delirious? were formed.

So for the first time in five years Delirious? found themselves performing an open air concert in their home town of Littlehampton. With a huge stage and sound system set up on the town's Beach Green, the crowd were entertained by a series of artists, including Sabio, Cathy Burton and All Star United. Despite rain during the day, a large crowd had accumulated by the time Delirious? took to the stage just as night was falling.

Coming on stage after their 'Mission Impossible' video sequence, Delirious? launched straight into a crowd pleasing classic, 'Deeper'. With spirits raised the band rocked their way into 'Show Me Heaven' before playing 'Take Me Away' with the promo video showing in the background.

Delirious? were clearly delighted to be back in front of their home crowd, and indeed it seemed like the entire town of Littlehampton had turned out to support their 5 prodigal sons. 'Waiting For The Summer' was next up, a song to warm the hearts of fans on a cool evening. Pictures of Delirious? performing at Wembley Stadium accompanied the next song, 'Sanctify' as thousands of hands held high swayed in time to the music.

The Delirious? team spirit was on show as eruptions rang out loudly from Stu's guitar; Stew hitting his drums hard enough to make the stage shake; Jon's bass resonating through the night; and Tim producing synthesised miracles. Martin loosened his collar allowing the full extent of his vocal tones to be exposed. The night was alive to the sounds of 'My Glorious'. As the song came to an end, Martin began a chorus of "We're gonna dance in the river" which was quickly taken up around the crowd.

After introducing the band to the crowd, the mellow start to 'Everything' could be heard, with the video playing on the screen at the back of the stage. 'Touch' came next followed by the best sung anthem of the night, 'History Maker' complete with footage of David Beckham's most famous free kick.

The band left the stage for a short while to a thunderous applause. Stu G returned in the semi-darkness and kicked off an extended introduction to 'Bliss'. As the rest of the band joined him on stage the entire crowd seemed to jump in time to the beat. A smoky blue and purple haze covered the stage as 'Investigate' turned into a breathtaking finale to a wonderful evening. A stunning firework display brought an end to a Littlehampton beach party that will remain in everybody's memories for a very long time to come.

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