Growing Momentum In Germany For 'Inside Outside' Single
Last modified: 23 Feb 2004

Growing Momentum In Germany For 'Inside Outside' Single With two weeks still to go until Delirious? release their first single in Germany, 'Inside Outside' is already gaining momentum in the German media. The single has been gradually climbing the Airplay charts in Germany over the past few weeks as regional radio stations start to playlist it, with the song now in the Top 50.

Two weeks ago Delirious? shot a video for 'Inside Outside'. The performance based promo video was filmed in a warehouse in Arundel, West Sussex, and features the band sitting in a bus feeling bored until bright flashing lights and special effects surround them. From today (23rd February) the 'Inside Outside' video is on rotation on German TV station VIVA plus where it will be played three times daily.

The 'Inside Outside' single is being released by BMG in Germany on 8th March. On the 15th March the latest Delirious? album 'World Service' will also be released in Germany. The band will be promoting the album on a tour of various German radio stations between 15th and 17th March and will officially launch the album at a media showcase on 16th March at the Atomic Cafe in Munich.

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