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Looking Ahead To The Delirious? New Year
Last modified: 22 Dec 2004

Looking Ahead To The Delirious? New Year As the new year approaches, Delirious' plans for 2005 are starting to take shape. With 'World Service' now more than a year old, the main concentration for the year will be to work on a new album. The band have already started writing new material and have booked time in the studio for early in the new year. It could be a long wait for the album though, with the release not planned before Christmas 2005 at the earliest.

As they have done in the past, Delirious? will intersperse recording sessions with concerts around the world. Trips to Australia, Canada, Switzerland, South Africa and a first ever visit to Singapore are all planned for 2005. The next UK tour is unlikely to be before the end of the year, but a few one-off UK concerts and the usual summer festivals will fill the gap. In particular, Delirious? will perform at two British football stadiums in June, for the 'Frenzy Festival' at Dunfermline Athletic's ground and 'Xpression05' at the home of Ipswich Town.

There will also be the usual trips across the Atlantic to perform in the USA, including several of the big festivals. However the band's first concerts of the year will be a continuation of their World Service Tour in Germany during February. The three date tour is likely to coincide with the release of the 'Rain Down' single in Germany, which has been released to German radio stations this week, just prior to the New Year.

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