Delirious? Perform Live On Radio Stations Across America
Last modified: 07 Jun 2004

Delirious? Perform Live On Radio Stations Across America Delirious? are today (7th June) spending the day performing live on various US radio stations, promoting their recent album 'World Service'. The band have set up a temporary studio in the warehouse basement of their Furious? Records head office in Arundel, West Sussex, and with the wonders of modern technology are broadcasting live to various radio stations in the US.

The songs being perfomed in their UK headquarters are piped along an ISDN line live to US morning radio shows. Starting at midday (UK time), Delirious? first appeared live on 'His Radio' for 30 mins, chatting with the show's presenter and performing 'I Could Sing', 'Majesty' and 'Rain Down'. The band will appear on eight different radio shows through-out the afternoon, including JQ99, K-Love, The Kross and Way FM.

On Thursday (10th June) Delirious? will repeat the process, broadcasting to several other radio stations. The 'World Service' track 'Majesty' was recently released as a radio single in the USA, following on from 'Rain Down', which reached number 2 in the charts last month. For a full list of the stations Delirious? are appearing on, and links to listen in on-line, visit

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