Fuse Packs Of Early Delirious? Albums Released
Last modified: 02 Oct 2007

Fuse Packs Of Early Delirious? Albums Released Some of the early Delirious? albums from the band's back catalogue have been combined as part of the 'Fuse Pack' series. The series of double-CD sets combines two early albums repackaged and re-released at the price of a single CD album. Three Delirious? Fuse Packs are now available, one containing all four 'Cutting Edge' albums, another containing 'King of Fools' and 'Live & In The Can' and a third with 'Glo' and 'Mezzamorphis'.

Cutting Edge 1,2,3,4 Fuse Pack King of Fools/Live & In The Can Fuse Pack Glo/Mezzamorphis Fuse Pack

The double albums are available to order from the PuraShop priced at £11.45 including delivery. The new artwork (see above) is a very simple contemporary design, based on elements of the original album covers. Other artists set to be included in the 'Fuse Pack' series include Graham Kendrick ('Shine Jesus Shine/Is Anyone Thirsty?') and Cathy Burton ('Burn Out/Speed Your Love').

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