Delirious? Perform Exclusive 'Living Room' Gig At London Embassy
Last modified: 20 Nov 2007

Delirious? Perform Exclusive 'Living Room' Gig At London Embassy Delirious? performed a special 'Living Room' gig at top London nightclub 'The Embassy' tonight (20th November). Fans who had signed up the 'Living Room' on the bands official website had a chance to buy some of the 100 tickets available. Industry insiders, media and other guests were also invited to the concert which saw Delirious? perform an intimate set in the small tightly packed venue.

Six new songs were featured during the set. 'Stare The Monster Down', 'Break The Silence', 'Kingdom Of Comfort', 'My Soul Sings', 'Give What You Got' and 'God Is Smiling'. Fans were also given a special limited edition 3-track CD featuring a further new song called 'Eagle Rider', plus 'God Is Smiling' and a 15-minute 'Living Room Interview'.

After their set, Delirious? mingled with the crowd, chatting, signing autographs and having their photos taken with fans. The new songs are taken from the forthcoming Delirious? album 'Kingdom Of Comfort' which is released in the UK on 14th April 2008 and in the USA on 1st April 2008.

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