Martin Smith To Write Regular Column In 'Worship Leader' Magazine
Last modified: 08 Jan 2007

Martin Smith To Write Regular Column In 'Worship Leader' Magazine Delirious? lead singer Martin Smith will shortly be starting a regular column in the USA's 'Worship Leader' magazine. Starting in the March/April 2007 issue, Martin will write about worship from his global perspective and experiences through being in Delirious? The magazine is widely regarded as an essential resource for both Worship Leaders and Worshippers alike.

Writing on the magazine's website, Martin says: "In my new column in Worship Leader magazine we are going to hear from various people around the world who are doing it their way- genuine expressions of their people and their culture. As a band, Delirious? has had the opportunity to meet many dear champions in so many nations, and it's time to hear their stories, so we in turn can learn and enrich our lives. We will be hearing from a selection of our friends from places such as Singapore, India, Australia, Indonesia, China, Ukraine, Brazil, Colombia and many other exciting countries about what God is doing on His planet."

Worship Leader magazine has more than 40,000 subscribers and was founded as a journal 20 years ago. It has been published in its present day magazine format since 1990.

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