Delirious? release Deeper (Worship Together)
Last modified: 01 Sep 2001

Source: Worship Together
Author: unknown
Date: Sep 2001

It usually takes a various artist approach or one act's multiple-decade career to credibly fill a double album. But then there is Delirious?, the English worship/rock band that hasn't stopped its gushing faucet of spirit-filled creativity since the mid-1990s. Always unconventional and innovative, these five unassuming men have been largely responsible for fuelling the modern worship style which has dramatically changed the climate of today's Christian music industry. Solely focused on seeking God, the new sound doesn't sell a face. It shares a heart: one that is prolifically praiseful and contagiously passionate.

And so in late 2001, just four years into its American breakthrough, Delirious? is set to release deeper: the difinitive worship experience,, the second double album in a discography of diversity. Deeper featuring one new song, previously unreleased tracks, and some of the purest worship moments from rock recordings King of Fools and Mezzamorphis. Most notably, taking a cue from churches worldwide and contemporaries like SONICFLOOd that have covered the band's best-loved work, Delirious? showcases a uniquely self-imposed reinterpretation of its own inventions with this project. "I'm really proud of this collection of songs," notes Delirious? band member Martin Smith. "It represents a whole era for us, one where God birthed in us a huge passion and big dreams for a generation on fire for God." All-new versions of "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever," "Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble," and "The Happy Song" are offered with fresh focus; stretched out in unforeseen places with re-assigned tempos and structures, a clean coat of instrumentation, and escalating intensity from front-man Martin Smith.

Regardless of the group's do-it-yourself business ethic (owning its conservatively sized European record label, thriving on grass roots fan buzz) Delirious? has gone from upstart community church band in England to international presence. Still in love with the creative process - a worship experience unto itself when the process results in work like deeper's new track "Not Forgotten" - songs continue to pour from the band kind of like rain in Genesis 7. All the while, more worshipers take notice, leading the band to respect the success, point it upward, and continue "taking it wherever it goes" as one concert t-shirt proclaims. "We are always trying to push the envelope musically and always trying to find a new way to say ancient truths," adds Martin Smith. "We still feel like we are only just beginning and have huge goals and places where we want to take the music."

Next up, Delirious? is planning an extensive US tour in 2002. Recently, the band's commercial success was enough to land an opening spot on Bon Jovi's UK tour, and the uncompromising pop-smarts of Delirious? have led to many other salt and light mainstream opportunities. But such victories are relative. Delirious? originated to invigorate the church, to celebrate the body of Christ and see it expand gloriously. In a word, the mission, on all fronts, is to go deeper.

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