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Last modified: 01 Jun 2000

Source: Cross Rhythms Magazine
Author: Unknown
Date: Jun 2000

New Delirious? album out on 29th July

The eagerly awaited Delirious? album 'Glo' is released into UK Christian bookshops on 29th July. Amongst the tracks featured on the album is one featuring 100 hardcore Delirious? fans, brought into a West London recording studio under the direction of R&B gospel man David Grant. "We'd been talking about doing a follow-on project in the vein of 'Cutting Edge'", commented the band's Martin Smith, "yet knowing we couldn't turn back musically. But we wanted to inspire and encourage a whole generation of young people who'd been singing 'History Maker', 'Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble' and songs like that. We wanted to write songs people could sing in church again." Stew Smith added, "There's something incredible about being in the charts one minute and worshipping with friends the next."

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