A View From The Terraces Video (Baptist Times)
Last modified: 01 Jun 1998

Source: Baptist Times
Author: unknown
Date: Jun 1998

Thousands of young rock fans have taken to their hearts an authentic young band who are also avowedly Christian. They have been rewarded over the past 18 months by seeing their heroes' albums and singles appearing in the upper reaches of the pop charts.

Delirious?, the sceptical should note, were not assembled by some Svengali placing an ad in The Stage and then moulding the successful applicants into a pre-conceived Christian product. They formed some six years ago as Cutting Edge and developed in the time-honoured way, by playing gigs - at the start, to all of 75 people or so. Within a couple of years their reputation had grown well beyond their home in West Sussex and had followers all over the country.

Their fans' devotion and delight is in evidence in their new hour-long video entitled "A View From the Terraces", much of which was filmed at live gigs during 1997 - the year they achieved their break through. Included are performances of their chart singles "Deeper" and "Promise" as well as "Sanctify", "Come Like You Promise", "Touch" and "I'm Not Ashamed of the Gospel". In between we see snippets of interivew and of life on the road and even some amateur video of early concerts. There are no great insights or hard hitting testimonies here; in fact it shows that they are sensible enough not to be taking themselves, or their success, to seriously. Some of their "fooling around" in front of the camera is even reminiscent of a film four lads made a few years back called "A Hard Day's Night". As well as the big stadium treatment, one or two numbers come as less elaborate "unplugged" versions and here it is reassuring to see that the band are talented enough musically not to be at a loss when the megawatts are turned off.

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