Now Is The Time - Live At Willow Creek (Cross Rhythms)
Last modified: 01 Oct 2006

Source: Cross Rhythms
Author: Tony Cummings
Date: Oct 2006

Like, I suspect, many other fans of Delirious? the thought of yet another live album from the Littlehampton wonders hardly set the pulse racing. Yet in truth this is a truly magnificent CD and DVD combo with the DVD in particular showing the band in breathtaking form.

On the DVD their mix of songs, taking in everything from "History Maker" to "Paint The Town Red", makes for a magnificent set while their performance here before 5,000 excited fans at Chicago's famed Willow Creek mega-church is truly riveting. Probably my favourite moment is when Martin begins the song "Miracle Maker" on his knees though the "holy" climax of that song with the word in numerous languages flashed on the screen is also highly effecting.

The audio CD is beautifully recorded and the compilers have wisely shied away from songs which have appeared on other Delirious? live albums. Again, tracks like "Take Off My Shoes", "Majesty" and "All This Time" are deeply moving. If you are only going to buy one worship project this year, this is one you need to consider.

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