Waiting For The Summer (
Last modified: 09 May 2001

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 09 May 2001

The musical introduction at the start of the song has guitar riffs reminisent of a U2 song, breaking into a series of lalalala's that I can only describe as sounding like they are sung by a 10 year old girl! Then Martin Smith's voice kicks in with "I see you smile, see you lighting up the sky" and the song really takes off. It takes a few listens before the song really grows on you, so don't let yourself be influenced by your first impression. Through-out the song, especially in the chorus, the little girl lalalala's accompany Martin's voice. To start with this gets a bit irratating, but don't be alarmed as you soon get used to it and even grow to love it.

The "Waaaaaiting for the Suuuuuummer" chorus becomes instantly catchy, and is simply a natural turn-up-loud and open-the-windows kind of song. Because of the happy-go-lucky vibe throughout this 3 and half minute masterpiece, some fans will be reminded of the band's 60s take-off "Pursuit of Happiness", but this is far superior. Martin's voice sounds more Bono-like than ever, but even with that and the guitar riffs, this is a 100% Delirious? pop-hot-pot. About 2 minutes into the song there is a shorter-than-usual Stu G guitar part, only about 15 seconds worth but still pure guitar classic and it certainly rocks!

You won't be dissapointed with this single, Delirious? and the charts are about to collide. BIG time.

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