'Touch' Album (CBA Marketplace)
Last modified: 19 Nov 2002

Source: CBA Marketplace
Author: unknown
Date: 19 Nov 2002

Much current Christian music falls into two camps: One has a clear but often cliched christian message and a safe sameness and mostly stays within the Christian subculture; the other believes Christians should be intelligent and creative and participate in the larger culture but usually tries this by making any Christian message impossibly vague. Delirious? belongs to neither group.

Delirious? was the vanguard of the modern-worship movement and the first group to erase the boundaries between worship and modern rock. They're still the best. And Touch may be their best album since King of Fools. The music is varied; beautifully executed, and stunningly original; after repeated listening, it still surprises me.

Lyrics move from Martin Smith's trademark worship-anthem style ('Touch') to alienation ("Where children wander fatherless / through fields that spent their happiness, I grieve," 'Alien') to passion ("Excess baggage falling, crawling, throw it all away / My redemption actual, factual / Happening today," 'Fire').

For perceptive clarity, all Nashville Christian bands should, like Delirious?, spend time evangelizing in a mostly unchurched country. The album includes a bonus CD with six live songs and three music videos.

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