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Last modified: 17 Apr 2007

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 17 Apr 2007

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Paperback Book - REL022000k
Released - 5th May 2007
Furious? Records - Regal Books

'I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever' is the new book from Delirious?, penned by the band's principal song writers Martin Smith and Stu G. The book cover boasts "stories and inspiration behind the music" and the words inside live up to the billing. So often bands release rose tinted biographical accounts of their lives, aimed at talking themselves up but revealing very little substance. With this book however, Martin and Stu seem to have opened up their personal diaries and given the reader an honest, intimate insight into the events in their lives that spurred them to write songs that have become known the world over.

Take for example 'Mountains High'. Reading Martin's account of the grief that struck him upon hearing the news of the death of a close friend and relation gives you such a sense of empathy that you start to feel goose bumps rising along your arms. Then there's the story of Martin's wife Anna suffering a miscarriage whilst traveling with the band on a flight to start a US tour. You'll feel a lump in your throat as Martin talks about continuing the tour through hurt and pain, crying as he comes off stage and yet sensing God's grace enough to be able to write 'I'll See You'; a song about meeting his unborn baby at the gates of Heaven.

Stu's stories are just as compelling. He writes about being moved to tears as he watched his young daughter enjoy a family trip to Disneyland. This isn't just a book about how an idea became a song, it tells a unique story about the very experiences and inspirations that molded the band's life, faith and motivation.

If the writing is not reason enough to buy the book, the artwork that adorns every chapter is simply exquisite, making this an absolutely stunning visual experience. Don't expect page after page of self indulgent photos of the band. Think art fit for the gallery, tailored to fit the theme of the songs. Every chapter has its own themed artwork and sees either Martin or Stu telling a story about one of 20 different songs. The chapters are short, just two or three sides each, breaking the book up into manageable chunks that are a pleasure to flick through.

Buy the book and feel inspired, moved and amazed.

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