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Last modified: 27 Jan 2004

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 27 Jan 2004

Delirious? recorded this cover of the 1984 U2 hit song after being invited to contribute a song to a compilation album featuring Christian artists singing U2 songs. The album (titled 'In The Name Of Love') was released by Sparrow Records on 27th January 2004 to raise money for AIDS work in Africa.

In the decade that the band have been together, Delirious? have never recorded a cover of another artists song. That instantly makes 'Pride' something different for Delirious? fans, even more so since Delirious? have constantly been compared to U2 for the past few years. U2 are one of the world's premier bands, and their songs ooze quality, so you would expect any cover version of 'Pride' to be fairly good, since it would take something extraordinary to ruin such a great track.

Having said that, it is by no means certain that a fan of the original song will always love the cover version. Therefore it is perhaps something of a risk when a band like Delirious? endeavour to record a song like 'Pride'. So how does it sound?

The track opens quietly, with a gentle note gradually accompanied by a growing drum beat. Then Stu G's guitars kick in and the song rockets into life. The introduction lasts nearly an entire minute before Martin's vocals join in. As is often the tendency with cover versions, Martin's lead vocals do at times take on some of the distinct traits of the original vocalist, U2's Bono. But there is still enough of the familiar Martin Smith 'twang', to mark this as a Delirious? performance and Stu G's backing vocals fit in snugly to give an overall warm sound to the track.

Stu's guitar playing is more than up to the task of matching U2's The Edge, and Jon's deep riveting bass playing provides an excellent foundation to the song. But Delirious? don't completely copy U2 with this cover version. The jumping keyboard notes from Tim add a different style, and Stew's drum beat flowing throughout is notable in both its U2-esque sound and its Delirious? rhythm.

The U2 penned lyrics for 'Pride (In The Name Of Love)' are both simple and moving. One verse is a direct tribute to Martin Luther King; "Early morning April four/ Shot rings out in the Memphis sky/ Free at last, they took your life/ They could not take your pride". Other lyrics ask searching questions "One man betrayed with a kiss/ In the name of love/ What more in the name of love".

Overall Delirious? manage to perform this cover with confidence and skill. The track is just short of four minutes in length, and makes for a must-have for U2-loving Delirious? fans.

Track information:
Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Music & Words Written by Bono and The Edge in 1984
Delirious? version:
 Produced by Julian Kindred and Delirious?
 Recorded by Julian Kindred at Ford Lane Studios
 Mixed by Sam Gibson at Chappellane Studios

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