D:Tour Live (New Christian Herald)
Last modified: 18 Apr 1998

Source: New Christian Herald
Author: Russ Bravo (NCH Editor)
Date: 18 Apr 1998

It promises to be another exciting year for Delirious?, with a new album in progress, major exposure in the USA and a big UK tour next month [May]. So the band have wisely decided to fill in the lull with a take on last year's highly acclaimed d:tour, drawing largely on the excellant King of Fools album. Recorded in front of 2,000 fans at Southampton Guildhall, it's a pretty faithful representation of the band's power and diversity.
Long standing d:fans will appreciate old favourites Come Like You Promise, I'm Not Ashamed and the moody Obsession, but the bulk of the time is devoted to the astonishingly mature songs crafted on last year's chart album. The singles Deeper and Promise kick in hard as expected, and Sanctify sounds so made for live performance you can almost hear the hands swaying in time. But for me, it was the thoughtful ballads like Summer of Love, Hands of Kindness, All The Way and King of Fools that really electrify. Passion for Jesus, Martin Smith's individual vocal style and the band's sheer sensitivity sing through. Splendid stuff, and sure to whet d:fans' appetite for this year's creations.

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