Mezzamorphis (Q Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Jun 1999

Source: Q Magazine
Author: Rob Beattie
Date: Jun 1999

Second album from galactic Christian rockers. Faith well-founded.

Something of a rarity this, a Christian band who are neither Celtic nor crap, but instead, enthuse over expansive guitar-pop and rich, hummable - occasionnally anthemic melodies. The tricky production - absolute dead stops and starts, little trippy background pops and whistles - gives the whole thing a commercially necessary modern buzz, but it's never predictable and the big choruses on Mezzanine Floor, Heaven and Beautiful Sun in particlar, where the Christianity is forceful rather than force-fed ("Grace is my story/Hope is my song") are spectacular. Here's a band at one of those critical times - units shifting nicely, plan intact, horizon cloud-free - and the dense, ingenious Mezzamorphis will be the album that makes them. (4 out of 5 Stars)

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