Mezzamorphis ( Christian Herald)
Last modified: 09 Apr 1999

Source: Christian Herald
Author: Russ Bravo (editor)
Date: 09 Apr 1999

Review, The next level. A track by track analysis.
Mezzamorphis - Delirious?, Out 12 April

Mezzanine Floor: Heavy introduction moves on to a free-floating anthem that keys in delicate melody with falsetto Smith vocals. A strong opener.
Heaven: A rockier piece with the same kind of drive as Promise, from King of Fools. Stew Smith's relentless drumming propels this lyrical look at our destination. "Heaven is my home and there'll be no shame to bear/Heaven is my home and there'll be no refugees"
Follow: A favourite from the See The Star CD single. Stu G's ascending and descending guitar sequences bring a touch of Seventies retro to a song built around the insistent "I will follow" chorus. A tad reminiscent of U2, which is fine, but I'll pass on the squealy noises.
Bliss: "I'm not backing down" goes the chorus in funk- inspired Spin Doctors style. It's a passionate workout that underlines, according to Stu G in a recent Cross Rhythms interview, "that we're not backing down in our faith - we're going for it wholeheartedly"
It's OK: A tender acoustic-led lament that at the same time encompasses hope. A plaintive melody contrasts with the touch of anguish at the heart of the song. Sally Army brass band in tow. Captivating.
Metamorphis: Big intro, drops down for the stunning first verse that contains one of the album's most memorable tunes. It's a song about identity ("Can I be somebody?") that looks on to a heavenly destination.
See The Star: "So we run, never stop, set my feet on the road". Bit of an autobiographical song, this. The band's highest chart entry (16), but dipped out quick.
Gravity: This Garrard/Thatcher/Smith number has a great Sixties feel to it. Lyrically it's a cry out of confusion ("My head's spinning, the world's twisted") that zips along with real pzazz. The next single?
Beautiful Sun: Dreamy soundscape full of slide guitar, summer afternoons and John Lennon influence circa Imagine era. "Grace is my story, hope is my song"
Love Falls Down: Delirious? go Byrds-style with a celebratory anthem taking delight in "all the good that comes from God above". The cheeriest song.
Blindfold: Unsettling, this. Written out of the pain of a miscarriage in the band's family, it puts life's tragedies, alongside the hope and light of heaven to come. A cathartic song, but not easy to listen to.
Kiss Your Feet: Rellective worship song with interesting strings backing. Strange choice to finish with, perhaps.
VERDICT - Setting the standard for others to follow.

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