Mezzamorphis (Uncut Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Jun 1999

Source: Uncut Magazine
Author: Peter Huxley
Date: Jun 1999

Second LP from Littlehampton's Christian rockers.

DELIRIOUS? are the proverbial exception which proves the rule: evangelical Christians capable of producing music with universal appeal. They have already produced a clutch of miner hit singles since arriving on planet pop in 1997, and are now releasing, a tuneful, challenging and inventive second album, with hardly a wasted song. For evidence of their ability to come up with the goodies, look no further than the current single, "See The Star", which blends a painfully catchy chorus with elegant playing and production, or, alternatively, the melodic flair of the album opener, "Heaven". That said, their frighteningly comprehensive publicity campaign may give a clue to an ulterior motive. (3 out of 5 Stars)

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