Mezzamorphis (Rock Sound Magazine)
Last modified: 01 May 1999

Source: Rock Sound Magazine
Author: Martina Porter
Date: May 1999

When someone mentions a Christian rock band, the picture of the Salvation Army with long hair and tattoos flashes in my mind. Fortunately, Delirious? shatter this illusion. Despite their previous success (Top 40 singles and an album), the band suffer from a major crisis; namely how can you like God and be Cool? Mezzamorphis is set to answer that question. The album kicks off gently with the mesmeric 'The Mezzanine Floor' clearly indicating the band's talent for writing instant rock/pop songs before racing straight into the rocking U2-esque 'Bliss'. From this point Mezzamorphis really takes flight, crusading through the hymn-like 'Heaven', and the resounding guitar of 'Metamorphis'. Each song is an instant winner but it's the more up beat tracks like 'Gravity' that finally embed themselves in the far reaches of the brain. It's all very slick and shiny, taking the more melodic elements of indie guitar rock and fusing them with a vague moral consciousness, seen in lyrics such as "Heaven is my home and there will be no refugees." Mezzamorphis will not have you reaching for your hymn book and proclaiming: "Hallelujah", but it will answer an age old question; does God ROCK? I think so. (3 out of 5 stars).

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