Its OK (HMV)
Last modified: 14 Feb 2000

Source: HMV
Author: unknown
Date: 14 Feb 2000

Stewart Smith, Tim Jupp, Stuart Garrard, Jon Thatcher & Martin Smith, have really put modern day Christianity on the map since they decided to form the religious supergroup Delirious. Last year they even managed to break their work in the United States Of America. They were extremely well received & this particular single was chosen as the title song for a national series on Fox TV named "Get Real". This show was such a success that it is now scheduled for a worldwide release, thus enabling their message to reach an even greater audience. "It's Ok" is a sweeping ballad that combines a big brass section with an addictive lead melody. Martin Smith's vocals sit perfectly within the arrangement to generate an almost Travis like vibe. It's this type of familiar crossover sound that the band use in order to reach audiences with a serious religious message. As a bonus the release features two new tracks "In Pursuit Of Happiness" & "Jesus Blood".

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