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Last modified: 07 Dec 2000

Author: Dave Wood
Date: 07 Dec 2000

Over the past 3 years Delirious? have released various singles with varying mainstream chart success. One thing that has remained constant with each new single has been the promotional video accompanying it. As is the custom with pop-charts these days, an exuberant 3 and half minute piece of video can generate huge amounts of publicity for the band and their latest release. Pop songs come and go quicker than a British summer, and not wanting to disappoint their fans Delirious? have just released a compilation of all their pop-videos to date. "Pro-Mod:e" is a 45 minute collection of videos and previously unseen backstage footage.

Starting with a brief few words from the band, the video heads straight into a history of the d: singles. First up is the 1997 video created to accompany "Deeper". Shot high up on a London roof-top, spinning around and having fun, Delirious? set their own standard for what is to come. "Promise" sees the band surrounded by light bulbs swinging precariously from the studio ceiling whilst members of the public are seen falling over on Littlehampton beach.

The summer of '97 saw Delirious? play at one of the biggest Christian events the UK has ever seen, "Champion of the World" at Wembley Stadium. The band are shown singing "Sanctify" live at the famous London stadium in front of a huge crowd, mixed with backstage footage and stage football!

1999 saw the release of the much acclaimed album "Mezzamorphis" and a collection of even greater videos. First up was "See The Star" which reached number 16, their highest chart placing to date. Filmed around a breakfast table there's little surprise that this video gained Delirious? recognition on Channel 4's "The Big Breakfast". The year of 1999 also saw a period of time when Delirious? tried to convince Radio1 that a Christian Rock band can compete in the boy band/girl band world of charts and air-play. Even with the help of "friend-of-the-band" TV star Neil Morrisey Delirious? failed to persuade Radio1 to give their singles more attention, but not before the single "Gravity" had already been planned. Deciding that the timing wasn't right, Delirious? pulled out of releasing "Gravity". The fantastic video that was produced to go with the single never saw the light of day in the UK (although it was used to great success in America), until now that is. Shot in an ancient castle in Kent, the big-budget "Gravity" video is the most impressive yet. Spinning around at impossible speeds, running backwards in slow motion, playing live in the grounds of the castle, "Gravity" rocks.

The next single from Delirious? was to be the moody ballad "Its OK" and as a treat for fans who purchased the single, those fun loving south-coast d:boys also recorded a 60's rip-off video for the b-side track "Pursuit of Happiness". Shown here in its full glory for the first time, this video is reminiscent of the Monkeys, showing Delirious? clowning around on the beach in silly wigs and costumes. In complete contrast, the slow and thought provoking video for "Its OK" comes next, with its black and white close-ups of sad faces, breaking out into glorious bright yellow light as the song reaches its climax.

In 2000 Delirious? released yet another album, "Glo", designed for the Christian market rather than the mainstream charts. Although the band never planned to release singles in the UK from the album, America was a different story. "Everything" was released state-side and the promo to this particular song is worth the price of the video on its own! "Everything" starts as any day in the life of Delirious? might, with the band arriving at the studio unpacking their equipment and readying themselves for a show. As rain breaks out (yes- rain in the studio!) an amplifier starts to spark and before you know it Delirious? are surrounded by flames and smoke, but still they play on without a care in the world. Priceless!

The remainder of "Pro-Mod:e" is made up of eerie heat sensitive shots of objects and people going about their day to day lives and of footage of the band on tour. We see Delirious? sight seeing on the streets of America to the sound of "Heaven" in the background. There is also brief footage of the band meeting natives in New Zealand, getting wet on the set of a video shoot, re-recording acceptance speeches for an American awards ceremony until they get the wording right, and teasing Martin as he hums along to his walkman. "Pro-Mod:e" shows Delirious? as you've never seen them before and is an excellent collection of videos and out-takes that any fan will enjoy watching.

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