See The Star (Soul Survivor Magazine)
Last modified: 01 Apr 1999

Source: Soul Survivor Magazine
Author: Jude Adam and Graham Hunter
Date: Apr 1999

It's finally come like they promised: SEE THE STAR is the single that welcomes a new era for Delirious?, which is deeper than before. You could easily mistake moments in the new single - and is B-sides - for the sounds you would expect from Radiohead or Garbage.

The remix of the title track could almost be delivered by DJ Shadow via the Unkle operation. I was instantly impressed by the vast chasm of sound being delivered in the opening bars of the single. My fear of the irresistible cliches that Christian music so often delivers, was quashed during the chorus: Martin Smith manages to sing the line 'Keep my feet on the road' when all around have fallen to the lure of lyrics about 'keeping our feet on the Rock'.

It is the B-side track Follow which stands out though. If listening with closed eyes, it would be impossible not to imagine a packed stadium coming to life with light and listing bodies at the moment when Smith's voice is suddenly accompanied by the most vociferously violent guitar chords, bass and drums. It is comparable to moments such as the power chord crunches of Radiohead's Creep.

The overall impression of the single is that Delirious? are venturing into a more powerful, musical experiment. If the album is like the single, it's a must. Get the CD, stick it on repeat, and turn your stero up till it's louder than the radio.

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